What is a Watershed?

What is a Watershed?

Every person on this planet lives in a watershed.  A watershed is the area that drains water to the same place.  During every rainfall, the surface water flows into a stream, river, or lake.  Some of that water ends up in your glass after it travels through the water cycle.

Water picks up pollutants along its journey.  The quality of the water decreases as more contaminants join the flow, destroying wildlife habitats and even contaminate our drinking supply.

How can you help protect our water?

Watershed Management

The Evergreen Lake & Lake Bloomington watersheds have plans to improve water quality and management.  Their watershed plans share a purpose to use proactive strategies to maximize local control. Do your part to keep our water clean and safe.   Evergreen Lake receives the water drained from the Village of Hudson, the far north edge of the Town of Normal, and agricultural land in McLean & Woodford counties.  It was built to be a supplemental drinking water source for the City of Bloomington.  Six Mile Creek deposits its water into Evergreen Lake.

Play your part, and keep our water clean!

McLean County conservation practices:

Tree plantings/Windbreaks

Nutrient management

Conservation cover

Contour buffer

Riparian buffer


Filter strips


Food plots



Evergreen Lake & Lake Bloomington


McLean County Watersheds

Everyone lives in a watershed. See how you play a role!