Your Water – Your Future Household Survey

Your Water Your Future

In our region Lakes Bloomington and Evergreen provide source water for over 80,000 residential customers, as well as recreation opportunities for a growing population.  As the population continues to grow, non-point source pollution from lawn care practices, demands on water supplies, and other challenges to maintaining clean and ample water supplies will increase.   Securing safe and adequate water resources for the future is also going to demand greater attention and planning.  Help us plan for the future by participating in the Your Water – Your Future household survey which is being conducted by the Mclean County Soil and Water Conservation District, in collaboration with Illinois State University and the City of Bloomington.  Illinois State University students will be administering the survey in person starting May 11 – 31, 2015 to a random selection of 1,000 households in Bloomington, North Normal, Hudson, Towanda and Lake Bloomington.  We need your voice and hope that you will participate if your household is selected!  An online version will also be available for anyone who was not selected at random, but still wishes to participate at

Visit HERE for the online survey.

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For more information about the project, contact Brehm at or (309) 438-7177 or Jacqueline Kraft, at, (309) 452-0830.

Your Water Your Future