Evergreen Lake

Evergreen Lake receives the water drained from the Village of Hudson, the far north edge of the Town of Normal, and agricultural land in McLean & Woodford counties.  It was built to be a supplemental drinking water source for the City of Bloomington.  Six Mile Creek deposits its water into Evergreen Lake.


Comlara Park

The lake is immediately surrounded by Comlara Park, which has five different kinds of vegetation: All of these provide wonderful nature, recreation space, and buffers to improve water quality!



Evergreen Lake Watershed

Watershed ~ 26,500 acres/41.1 square miles

Lake ~ 900 acre surface area/22.5 miles of shoreline

Evergreen Lake

Lunker and Shoreline Project

McLean County SWCD, the City of Bloomington, and a grant from EPA were responsible for the installation of 1,100 feet of shoreline protection, and 100 feet of fish lunkers at Comlara Park, Evergreen Lake. The project required 1,250 ton of RR4 rock to accomplish the job. The shoreline’s obvious erosion issues were becoming a hazard for the Comlara beach area, but now after completion serves as excellent habitat for aquatics and a stable shoreline for the park.

lunkers3 ShorelineProject2
T3 Wetland

This wetland was constructed on T3 of Evergreen Lake to help reduce nitrate levels from tile drainage.

Watershed Plans