2017 SWCD January Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors of the McLean County SWCD had their regular board meeting on January 11, 2017 at the USDA Service Center, 402 N. Kays Drive, Normal. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike Kelley at 7:30 a.m.. Directors present were Sally Breese and Howard Heatherwick.  District employees present were Jackie Kraft and Stephanie Musselman. NRCS employees present were Eric McTaggart and Matt Bell.

~Financials/Minutes:  December minutes, Sally motioned, Howard seconded. Motion Carried.  Howard made a motion to approve the financials, Sally seconded. Motion carried.  Sally made a motion to approve the January checks for payment.  Howard seconded. Motion carried.

~Jackie gave the Watershed report as written. The IEPA 319 grant and signed contract have been received and we are working on a contract for BCS, LLC.  A survey is being developed for pre-implementation of the project.  Still waiting on reimbursement for work performed on the IEPA 319 Social Indicator Survey grant.  Awaiting notification for the Fisher’s & Farmer’s Grant if funding will allow project to be funded; currently ranked 5th.  Jackie has partnered with Farm Bureau on a nutrient stewardship grant for nitrate testing in Evergreen Lake watershed.  Currently working with Sun Ag to find participants for the program which was funded for $10,978.  Lake Bloomington watershed has been selected for a National Water Quality Initiative Pilot grant and we are currently working with NRCS on contribution agreement paperwork.

~ Stephanie gave the District report as written. The District has been very busy uploading payment documents for CSP and EQIP programs for the NRCS Assistance Agreement.  The District has also been busy collecting registrations for the Heart of America Grazing Conference.  The 2017 Winter Newsletter is in progress and 2017 sponsors have started rolling in.

~Old Business:

~New Business:  Howard motioned to donate a plat book to the Lexington FFA auction.  Sally seconded. Motion carried. The next Board Meeting and Annual Meeting was set for February 8, 2017 at 7:30 a.m. at the USDA Service Center.   The meeting concluded at 8:30 a.m.


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