2016 March SWCD Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors of the McLean County SWCD had their regular meeting on March 9, 2016 at the USDA Service Center, 402 N. Kays Drive, Normal. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mikey Kelley. Directors present were Irvin Bane, Sally Breese, and Mikel Fonger.  District employees present were Jackie Kraft and Stephanie Musselman.  NRCS employee present was Eric McTaggart.

~Financials/Minutes:  February minutes, Irvin motioned, Sally seconded. Motion Carried.  Sally made a motion to approve the February financials, Irvin seconded. Motion carried.  Irvin made a motion to approve the March checks for payment.  Mikel seconded. Motion carried.

~Jackie gave the Watershed report as written. The signs will be installed this spring for the Lake Bloomington Shoreline project.  Waiting to hear on the IEPA 319 and Fishers & Farmers grants.  Final approval for the T-2 site at Evergreen Lake has been received and the project will take place this summer.  The construction at Spaid’s wetlands has been planned for this spring.  The Watershed Newsletter was mailed to the watershed mailing list on February 29th.  Jackie has extended her work with the TNC contract until August 31st.  Combing efforts with McLean County Farm Bureau on a NRLS meeting that is scheduled for March 29th at the Interstate Center.  Water Testing is available at our office ever Tuesday 8-9 am March and April in collaboration with IL Corn Growers. The report and findings for the IEPA 319 grant have been submitted to IEPA and are up on our website.  The information will presented at the Friends of EverBloom meeting on April 4th.

~ Stephanie gave the District report as written. Spring fish, tree, bare root, and seed sales are underway.  Fifty more plat books were ordered as we just ran out of the previous order.  The Contractor’s Breakfast date has been changed to March 15th at 8 am and flyers have been mailed/emailed with the change.  The Pond Management Clinic is scheduled for March 15th at Davis Lodge with Mike Garthaus presenting.  LUC Envirothon registration was mailed to teachers for the event April 7th.  Applications for the Pipeline Cover Crop Program are available.  There will be a Cover Crop Meeting on March 31st at the Lexington Community Center.  Blake will be sending instructions so Stephanie can take over website updates.

~ Eric gave the NRCS report as written. There are 52 CSP applications to rank for the April 29th General CSP Signup and 45 contracts up for renewal with a March 31st deadline.  One EQIP confined livestock implementation contract has been approved in both Livingston and McLean County.  The next funding cutoff is March 18th. A few general EQIP applications have been ranked and are ready for funding consideration.  Received $300,000 in EQIP for the Vermilion Headwaters. Clinton Lake MRBI will be receiving EQIP money this year.  Requested $500,000 in CSP for FY16; does not look like it will be received.

~Old Business: N/A

~New Business:  The next Board Meeting was set for  April 13, 2016 at 7:30 a.m. at the USDA Service Center.   The meeting concluded at 8:25 a.m.


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