2015 November SWCD Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors of the McLean County SWCD had their regular meeting on November 4, 2015 at 7:30 a.m. at the USDA Service Center, 402 N. Kays Drive, Normal. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mikey Kelley. Directors present were Irvin Bane, Mikel Fonger, and Bev Miller.  District employees present were Jackie Kraft, Ross Fogle and Stephanie Musselman.  NRCS employees present were Kent Bohnhoff, Matt Bell and Debbie Clairmont.

~Financials/Minutes:  September minutes, Irvin motioned, Mikel seconded. Motion Carried.  Bev made a motion to approve the November financials, Irvin seconded. Motion carried.  Irvin motioned to approve the November checks, Bev seconded. Motion carried.  Mikel made a motion to cash in the $28,691.91 CD, Irvin seconded. Motion carried.

~Bev gave her report as written. Bev had nothing to report.

~Kent gave his report as written.   Listing for the 34 Super DC positions around the state closed October 22nd and selections will be made sometime this fall.  McLean is part of the “new” area 3 and McLean and Livingston counties will be combined together when a super DC is selected.  CSP deferral letters were sent out last month to see who is still interested in the program.  EQIP deferral letters were also sent last month.  Project layout and design continues; 6 wetlands have been completed and 1 in progress with applications for more.  CRP CREP enrollment is halted due to no state budget.

~Ross gave his RC report as written. The NRCS contribution has been completed and AISWCD has been invoiced; payment is expected November 15th.  Earth Express will not be run this fall and has been returned to Livingston County.  The Land Use judging contest was held September 29th at the Rooster Heaven Hunt Club in Forrest, IL.  Ross attended and presented at the Livingston County SWCD Conservation Expo October 8th.  Sales results are as follows: Specialty Fish Sale – $509.00 profit, Fish Sale – $808.94 profit, Tree Sale –  $2,126.56 profit.  Sold the remaining rolls of fabric for $250.  Currently offering a fall Pheasants Forever seed sale.  Worked with Pro Harvest to supply cover crops to those affected by the pipeline for a profit of $230.85.  Plat books are going fast and profit is up to $1,809.72.  Syngenta will supply $25,000 for cover crop cost share to those affected by the pipeline.  Illinois Corn Growers hosted a tour for the CIG Two Stage Ditch which had 11 participants; the second tour was cancelled due to lack of interest.  Ross attended and presented at the Cover Crop Fly Over and only two attended.  Ross and Jackie flew a drone of the Lake Bloomington Project to take pictures.

~Jackie gave her Watershed report as written. The Lake Bloomington Shoreline Project was completed October 20th and grant funding for $20,000 has been received and an invoice sent for the remaining balance.  Still waiting to hear if a 319 grant for $96,759 will be awarded.  Two proposals for Fishers & Farmers Grants have been submitted for $40,000 each which will include rock riffles and stone toe protection at one location and rock riffles, stone toe protection, fish lunkers and rootwad structures at the other.  A site showing of the T-2 Site at Evergreen Lake was held October 26th and bids were due November 3rd.  The Project is scheduled to begin December 1st.   Irvin made a motion to accept the lowest bid for the T-2 Site at Evergreen Lake, which was submitted by Boyle Excavating, Mikel seconded. Motion carried. Still waiting for approval from FSA State Office for the Spaid project to begin.

~Old Business: N/A

~New Business:  The next Board Meeting was set for December 9, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. at the USDA Service Center, with Christmas lunch following.   The meeting concluded at 9:25 a.m.


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