2014 June McLean County SWCD Minutes

The Board of Directors of the McLean County SWCD had their regular meeting on June 11, 2014 at 7:30 a.m. at the USDA Service Center, 402 N. Kays Drive, Normal.  The meeting was called to order by Mike Kelley, Chairman.  Directors present were Irvin Bane, Mikel Fonger, Sally Breese and Beverly Miller.  District employees present were Jackie Kraft, Ross Fogle and Stephanie Musselman.  NRCS employees present were Kent Bohnhoff, Randy McCormack and Matt Bell.  SWCD Regional Representative, Joe Bybee, was also present.

~Financials/Minutes:  April minutes, Irvin motioned, Sally seconded.  Motion carried.
Irvin made a motion to approve the April financials, Bev seconded. Motion carried.  Sally made a motion to pay all outstanding checks, Irvin seconded. Motion carried.

~Kent gave his NRCS report as written.   Congratulations to Randy for having 35 years in service to SCS/NRCS in June and to Debbie who has been named the National Special Emphasis Program Manager for the American Indians/Alaskan Natives. The proposed area restructuring has received one level of approval but still has another, it is looking like McLean and Livingston will be combined.  We have had 9 of the 18 applicants for CSP have been preapproved, field verifications will be scheduled soon.  EQIP has had 13 applicants preapproved in the first funding cutoff.  CRP reopens June 9th.

~Bev gave her report as written.  The FY15 budget contains $3million in Operations for SWCDs and $4.5million for programs.  Legislators have also sent a capital budget to the Governor containing $2.6million for conservation practice cost share.  HB5606 has passed which amends the Prevailing Wage Act, exempting landowners from the reporting requirements if they worked on their own project with their own equipment.  HB5869 has also passed, which is aimed at anyone who might bring harmful, exotic/nonnative species of any kind into the state and introduce these species into IL aquatic life.

~Ross gave his RC report as written.  The Two Stage Ditch has been completed and reimbursement has been requested; asked for approval to pay Boyle Excavating for work done. Mikel made motion to approve payment to Boyle Excavating for work on the Two Stage Ditch, Sally seconded.  Motion carried. Dave Feese’s SSRP application has been approved for funding to be completed by November 2014.  We have been reimbursed for all expenses by American Farmland Trust for Cover Crop events.  We will be switching our tree sale supplied due to issues with trees and our fish sale supplier due to their retirement.  Earth Express visited three schools; asked for increased mileage reimbursement for hauling Earth Express. Irvin made a motion to approve increaded mileage reimbursement for hauling Earth Express, Bev seconded. Motion carried. Conservation day was May8th and saw 530 students.  Attended Party for the Plant at Miller Park Zoo and Conservation Family Day will be June 21st.  The Golf Outing has been scheduled for August 26th at Crestwicke County Club.  Helped with Sportsman’s Club HOOYAH soldier fishing.

~Jackie gave her Watershed report as written.   Tim Kraft’s wetland has been constructed, still waiting for Mike O’Neil’s.  Met with Randy Crump about a wetland and looked at site for Don O’Neal.  Waiting for final approval from Coke to construct a wetland near the tile research site.  The Adapt Network strip trial meeting will be July 16th at Davis Lodge.  Applications have been sent to producers that participated in the program in the past.  A Newsletter will be sent out soon regarding the program.  The IEPA 31p grant was approved and funded.  The project total cost is $152,112.00 and the grant amount will be $90,900.00.

~Stephanie gave her AC report as written.   Spring fish and tree sales have ended.  Fish sale had 51 orders; $1551.80 profit. Tree sale had 40 orders; $2,437.99 profit. Attended Party for the Planet April 19th at Miller Park Zoo.  Volunteered at the State Envirothon April 30th – May 1st in Monticello.  Conservation Day was held May 8th at the Interstate Center wil 530 students in attendance.  Earth Express visited 3 schools and 135 students.  We had one kindergarten class, one third grade class and one 12th grade student send in entries for our poster contest.

~Old Business: N/A

~New Business:  The next Board meeting was set for July 9th, 2014 at 7:30 a.m. at the USDA Service Center.  The meeting concluded at 8:25 a.m.


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