2013 June – McLean County SWCD Minutes

2013 June

-McLean County SWCD Minutes

2013 June

-McLean County SWCD Minutes

~April Financials/Minutes:  April minutes, Irvin motioned, Bev seconded.  Motion carried.
Irvin made a motion to approve the April financials, Bev seconded.  Motion carried.

~Kent gave his NRCS report as written.   CSP applications are continuous with a cutoff of June 14th and application evaluation completion of July 11th and field verification and obligation deadline of August 30th.  General EQIP applications now have to have 3 priority practices to be considered high and receive a ranking score; 22 applications met the criteria and have ranking scores with $354,000 worth of requests.  Of the 14 Greenhouse Gas Initiative applications 8 moved to contracts for over $230,000; 5 were not funded; 1 was preapproved.  Construction is completed for the SWCD Evergreen Lake CIG Grant and the control section of the Grove 2 stage ditch is waiting for completion.

~Bev gave her Legislative report.   The General Assembly adjourned May 31st from their regular spring meeting.  The final FY14 budget bill had an increase of $515,000 in grants for SWCD operations and waiting for signature from Governor.  HB 2616 (Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act) successfully passed the General Assembly and was signed by the Governor June 18th.  AISWCD believes this bill could be a source of revenue from the permit fees for SWCDs.  It is believed this legislation will bring employment to the state of Illinois.  The General Assembly failed to act during their spring session on the Riverboat Gambling Act and Iowa and Wisconsin will proceed with their plans of building new mega casinos.

~Ross gave his RC report as written.    The website saw 208 visitors in its third month and 327 in its fourth month.  The Facebook page has reached 20-30 people per post and has 58 likes.  The newsletter is to be sent in July with articles from Mike Garthaus and Pheasants Forever.  Ross attended Cultural Resource Training in Dickson Mounds May 14th -16th.  The Pond Shocking Demonstration will be August 14th with presentation from Mike Garthaus.  Dave Feese and Howard Hearthwick SSRP applications have been sent to Alan.  Oehler SSRP has been held due to cost.  An SSRP project for Andy Reining has been surveyed for possible cost share next year.  Ross and Matt visited Randy Crump’s filter strip, Steffen’s CRP Tree Program, and Jim Ferrier’s wind break.  Ross went to the field with Joe Bybee and Jonah Cooley for a Transect Survey practice run.  Conservation Day saw 600 students and we received positive feedback. Mike Baise cover crop contract was received, $5000,  Bev made a motion to approve the contract, Irvin seconded.  We have one unpaid CRP tree order.  The tree planter has been used by 3 producers and was donated to be used at the Mclean County Parks T3 site.  We would like to host a Golf Outing in honor of the Jim Rutherford Scholarship, on a date of June 30th or August 13th at Crestwicke Country Club $75 per ticket with a cost of $35/person and $10 lunch; we will receive profit of $30/person.  Ross is the chairman of the Erosion Committee for Friends of EverBloom, a member of the Sportsman Club (offered a page to them on the website, donated remainder of trees), a member of Pheasants Forever (asked to be a board member), and part of the Quality Deer Management Association.

~Jackie gave her Watershed report as written.   The CIG Evergreen Lake Water Quality Demonstration Project workshop will be held in early summer. The seeding was completed on May 14th, but the waterway area was not due to wetness and a tile problem.   The Evergreen Lake Shoreline Protection Project is almost complete.  The extra rock will be used to stabilize the west side of the emergency spillway. Jackie applied for a $10,000 special project grant from IDOA/BLWR for the White Oak boat ramp location, only $2,500 was received and the city is deciding on if it will pay the remainder.  Jackie is also looking into getting a grant to fund some shoreline stabilization at the beach house.   CRP signup is open and Jackie has been working with several producers about the CP-39 wetlands.  TNC is close to selecting someone to do the engineering at the potential sites. The Lady Landowner Breakfast is planned for June 25th at Davis Lodge.  The tour of the T3 wetland site is planned for July 9th.  Adapt Network applications are being accepted until June 14th.  Producers in the watersheds are allowed two 80 acre fields at no charge.  The Interpretive Nature Trail is almost completed.  Corn Belt Energy donated 3 poles to be used for the main bridge supports.  The signs are in for kiosk and just need to be installed.  Jackie continues to attend Friends of EverBloom board and membership meeting.

~Stephanie gave her AC report as written.   Stephanie helped fill bags for the teachers attending Conservation day and manned the check-in table.  Stephanie and Ross will be taking Earth Express around to schools this fall, they attended a presentation done by Livingston County and are currently brainstorming ideas for this fall.  The state envirothon was held May 1st– 2nd at the 4-h memorial camp in Monticello, IL and Stephanie was a team guide.  We received no entries for our poster contest; hopefully we will receive some next year.  The SCWD, DIRT, and Watershed newsletters all have templates made and are just waiting for articles and to be sent out at their projected times.  A new letterhead has been made with our new logo.  Spring fish and tree sales were very successful and profits were up from last year.  Fall fish and tree sale forms have been started.

~Old Business: N/A

~New Business: The next Board meeting was set for July 10, 2013 at 7:30 a.m. at the USDA Service Center.  The meeting concluded at 8:45 a.m.


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